Benefits of Using a Local Conveyancing Solicitor

Benefits of Using a Local Conveyancing Solicitor

Conveyancing is a simple process that can become complicated if you don’t understand what it takes or fall into the wrong hands. Therefore, right from the word go, you should have a hold on the factors that determine the success of your conveyancing process. Ultimately, your investment in a property must count, and you must finally have the keys to the house of your dreams in your hands. Conveyancing takes more than accepting your offer; you must follow through with the process until completion.

In the first place, if picking the right house was that easy, then you would never need the services of a conveyancer. But home buyers have realized that if you need to deal with the transactions of properties outside of their locality, it requires professional hands. So after concluding on getting a conveyancer, then you need to pick where to pick them from. That brings us to the benefits of using a solicitor or conveyancer from within your locality. 

While we have tried to expand the list as comprehensively as possible, it is still not exhaustive of what you can gain from a local conveyancer. Moreover, these benefits establish why you should instruct the conveyancing solicitor on how to get the best quality service. 

5 Benefits of using a local Conveyancing Solicitor

1. A personal touch

When you go for a conveyancer who lives outside of your locality, you may be restricted to communication via telephone or e-mail. However, to meet with the solicitor face-to-face, you will probably have to take a long drive, coupled with some inconvenience. Therefore, it is better to meet face-to-face with the solicitor before the conveyancing begins, giving you a feeling of personal touch. 

Moreover, remember that you are about to invest probably the most significant investment in your life. You don’t want to risk that with a company you only communicate with virtually. It will also help both parties understand the transaction details and not assume any part.

2. Accessibility

A local conveyancing solicitor gives you access to the core of the towns and cities where they operate. That implies that you can easily pop in and out of the company office or property under view whenever necessary. You can even decide to give s surprise visit without a prior appointment. As a reputable conveyancing company, we allow our clients to visit any of our offices whenever they see fit. However, remember that non-appointment visits may not be as details as appointed visits. 

3. Local knowledge

Apart from the accessibility that local conveyancing solicitors give, these solicitors also have in-depth knowledge of the locality. Their strong history of the region and local knowledge of events and trends could mean a massive wealth to them for your investment. One of the ways this could mean an enormous advantage is a speed at which they can complete transactions. Another way is the accuracy with which these transactions are processed. Our experience as a conveyancing firm, coupled with the expertise of our team of experts, can also hasten the processes.

4. Low risk of fraud

It is hardly possible that a local solicitor will do an illegal deal with a new client coming on the block. The reason is that being a local person already connects him with the locality, and he always remains connected to the region. So while other clients may experience different issues with fraudsters trying to intercept ongoing discussions between solicitors and customers, those who deal with local solicitors are often safe. 

The fraudsters often find a way to convince the customers to send the deposit to a different bank account. But when dealing with a local conveyancer, you can be confident in getting the correct bank details before making the transfer. Moreover, we usually recommend having a face-to-face meeting to build trust in our high quality of service. 

5. Other legal services

When you complete your conveyancing transaction, you may also need other legal services, and you won’t have to look elsewhere. Having a local solicitor is an opportunity to understand better and use other related legal services that pertains to that locality. Moreover, a solicitor with local knowledge already understands what is obtainable in terms of the local regulations about property management. 

Examples of legal services you may require to include creating a will or trust for your estate. Our top team of experts can work you through a perfect customer experience, giving you all the related legal services you may need. In addition, we can boast of a team with several years of community experience, active participation in community building and support for local events and other initiatives. 

A summary of what to expect from a local conveyancer

It may interest you to know things you can look forward to when using a local conveyancer. A local conveyancer usually

  1. Know the local area or region especially concerning issues that may impact your property purchase
  2. Know the local property market, the ongoing trends, market history, market factors and the level of buoyancy within the market
  3. Possess a formal relationship with the local real estate agents upon which your negotiation and discussions can ride to ensure the transaction is complete in no time.
  4. Aware of the risks that may be involved with the property and the mortgage fraud. They may have some robust systems to counter common issues and threats.
  5. I can refer you to other professional and key stakeholders within the locality and those who could impact the eventual outcome. For instance, you may need the right surveyors, tax specialists, accountants, wills, trusts and probate lawyers with family law expertise. 

Is there a difference between a conveyancing solicitor and a conveyancer?

In this article, we have used the terms conveyancing solicitor and conveyancer interchangeably. But is there any difference? Generally, the conveyancer and a conveyancing solicitor can complete the conveyancing process for you under the law. So, yes, a conveyancer is strictly for closing your home deal and helping you get the keys to your property. On the other hand, not all solicitors are trained in conveyancing. 

Therefore, if you want to hire a solicitor, you should hire a conveyancing or property solicitor, not just any. At the same time, look out for only licensed conveyancers with the proper qualification to operate in the locality. In addition, he should also have the right experience to deliver the expected quality of service.