Why Conveyancing Fee Is Considered Inexpensive


Buying or selling property is challenging. Conveyancing is a property transaction that involves property settlement. What do I mean by property transactions? You will get to know as you read on. 

The settlement process is not always easy. That is why one needs to hire experienced conveyancers. If you don’t hire a licensed conveyancer, you can fall into error. 

Hello there! Are you worried about finding a conveyancing expert with an affordable fee? Do you consider the conveyancing work fee expensive? Here are reasons agent fees are considered inexpensive.

In most cases, a cheap agent fee is overrated and is not worth it. However, they seem ideal initially, especially if you want to save money. 

However, when you look at the conveyancing Sydney services offered, you will see that the cost only covers the legal fees. It doesn’t include the additional fees that come with the process. 


Also, many conveyancing experts quote the cost of legal fees to seem less expensive to provide a competitive and attractive price. 

For this reason, you should be careful of the cheap advertisement of cheap agencies. An authentic cost includes the solicitors and disbursement fees. 

These disbursement fees include the cost of property searches, stamp duty, and land registry fees. In addition, this cost includes legal fees, disbursements, and other potential charges. You will need to factor these into the overall cost. 

Any conveyancing agent that does not have these additional fees is deceiving you. Also, you may incur more charges than the straightforward agent.

However, most conveyancers offer a fixed-fee service. It implies that the price won’t change. In rare cases, some agents render no sale, no fee services. This service only requires you to pay the solicitor’s legal fee if your sale fails. Although, you still have to pay other third-party costs.

And in other cases, some agent charges an hourly rate. They are cheaper at first but don’t include third-party costs. You can eventually turn out to spend more. 

Also, solicitors tend to charge more than agents because they are more qualified in property law. They can help with complicated lease extensions, equity transfers, or remortgage cases.

Nevertheless, if you are not satisfied with your chosen agent, it’s possible to agents during the transaction. 


Honestly, you need to know some facts about conveyancing services. Conveyancing is not a complicated process. Many conveyancers will hide some things from you because of what they want to gain. That’s just by the way. 

There is a lot of cheap online conveyancing agent quotes with prices advertised. In most cases, it only includes the agent’s legal fee alone. Many don’t have other essential costs. If you perceive a cost as too cheap, it’s probably too good to be true. 


Below is the breakdown of the usual costs you’ll find in your agent quote for buying a house. 

  • Conveyancer’s Legal Fee: This is the fee the agent charge for doing the job. It includes all the amount you will pay to ensure the legal side of the property is handled perfectly.
  • The property transfer search pack fee is the fee you pay for inquiries to unravel additional information about a property you are about to purchase. 
  • Anti-money laundering checks fee: It is the fee you pay to your agent to screen the property and the owner. He ensures the owner is not trying to launder your money. 
  • Bank transfer fee: These are the agent’s charges incurred during the transaction. 
  • Transfer ownership with Land Registry fee: This is the fee you pay for the property to be titled in your name. 
  • Stamp Duty: This is a duty paid on the legal recognition of certain documents

It’s necessary to understand these are average costs. Also, note that each agent will have a different legal fee and local councils have different search prices. These other costs will depend on the circumstances.

Why is Online Conveyancing Cheaper?

Online services are cheaper than traditional services. And that is why many people choose this option. Online agents charge less because they take a lot more cases at once. A home buyer or seller typically relates to one agent in legal service.

Although, some people dislike online services because they believe their cases will not be a priority. While others prefer this service because the conveyancing process is digital, and they don’t need to sign documents in person.


Buying or selling property is not an easy task. Agents base their costs on the value of the property they’re buying or selling. The higher the price of the property, the higher your costs. 

If you’re purchasing a freehold property, the agent fee is cheaper than a leasehold property. Buying a leasehold involves more work, hence, a higher legal cost.

Conveyancing for a shared ownership property also requires additional work. Therefore, it implies that the service will be more expensive.  


Conveyancing service eventually adds to your final bill document requests, property searches, and legal advice. You have to be careful by working with a reputable law firm. 

Cheap services also need more expertise, experience, or insurance to secure your legal and financial interests. In addition, cheap is not cheerful when it comes to conveyancing. 

However, we give a warning when it comes to cheap services. Often, cheap services are much more costly in the short and longer term. Therefore, choosing the most affordable is often not the best. 

As a result, you may not get what you pay for, and you should be careful when dealing with firms that offer cheap services.



You don’t need to seek legal advice. Below are the following things to be on the look for when you come across a cheap service;

  • READ THE TERMS AND CONDITION CAREFULLY: Most cheap firm gives inflated promise of affordable services. You will be in for an unpleasant surprise when they add the additional cost. 
  • PRICE DOES NOT MATTER; GO FOR QUALITY SERVICE: You can’t expect a high-quality consumer experience if you are paying low. Although on the other hand, you will get what you pay for. 

Most of these cheap firms operate in the form of a call center. But you will be passed around instead of having a lawyer assigned to you. And an unqualified member of staff attends to you. 

  • THEY WORK IN HIGH VOLUME: To make their profit, they work in volumes. Therefore, working with many clients at a time increase possibility of making mistakes and mix-ups. 

Consequently, it is vital to identify potential issues before exchange. Hence, you risk losing the property or being unable to use it for what you intended. 

  • USE A SPECIALIST: You must use a specialist and not a generalist. Some lawyers work in general practice, and you will get divided attention from them. Yet they deal with non-property law issues.
  • BE SURE OF WHO YOU RE DEALING WITH: Be sure to know who is in charge of your case. Also, have direct contact to reach them. 
  • USE A LAWYER CLOSE TO YOU: Most cheap firms are far away. Choose an agent with locally specialized knowledge who is accessible in case you have concerns. You can only compare being able to relate one on one with relating to someone you are sure you’ve spoken to before. 


Conveyancing service fees include the solicitor’s fee and other disbursement fees. And having a personal agent attending to you preserves your interest both legally and financially. 

He understands your goals and plans and works accordingly, giving you legal advice while bearing your interest. So, as you consider choosing a conveyancing firm today, choose quality over price. The conveyancing process is simple.